Vision & Mission

Our Mission

  1. 1. Indigenously developed products.
  2. 2. Customer Friendly Custom Engineering.
  3. 3. Technology innovation.
  4. 4. Industrial grade with reliability and compatibility.
  5. 5. Excellent Technical support / Risk Management.
  6. 6. Enhanced products to quickly and cost-effectively meet customerís technical requirements.

Our Vision

  1. 1. To Excel in the field of Ruggedization, Thereby Serving all wings of Department of Defense.
  2. 2. Indigenously designed products for use in harsh environment applications, where they maybe subjected to extreme temperatures, thermal cycling stress and high shock and vibration conditions.
  3. 3. To accommodate a wide spectrum of platforms with differing environmental requirements.
  4. 4. To offer products with a choice of ruggedization levels.
  5. 5. Application in rugged military, commercial, industrial and medical environments.
  6. 6. Delivering leading-edge technology products for a variety of embedded computing applications.

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